Friday, 1 February 2013

Coopers DIY Brew Kit

How they package this box is utter magic.

Quite how they fit so much stuff into such a small box is beyond my comprehension.

The lid of the box lists the contents.

Wish I had found something to show the scale of the box... its not terribly big considering.

Inside the box:

The kit is meant to come with a Lager kit but the site I ordered it from allowed me to change it out for the Stout kit you can see there.

In the box there is a fermenting vessel which doesn't require an airlock, a beer kit with a pack of brewing sugar and everything needed to bottle the beer once it's done.

There are a few other little bits and pieces which are required such as a hydrometer and spoon. There's also some bits which aren't necessary but are a nice extra like a laminated log book and a dry wipe pen.

Altogether an excellent value box, I think. The beer is currently fermenting but next time I'll put up the process I used to sanitise the kit before I started. Probably going to be a bit light on pictures unfortunately, once I got started the taking of pictures left my mind completely. Nevermind!

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