Friday, 8 February 2013


So, the kit is here, all I have to do is clean and sanitise it so nothing contaminates my brew.
Easy, right?

Well... sort of.

There are easier ways to do this and if I had thought ahead I would have bought some of the vastly labour saving no-rinse sanitiser.

But I never.

So I used this:

29p for 2 litres... still can't decide if that amount of money saved is worth the hassle of having to rinse it but we shall see...

All I did was dilute it down at a rate of about... a glug per... some water... I didn't measure it very accurately as you might guess.

Leave this in contact with the equipment for half an hour or so, I just stuffed all of the gubbins, spoons and what not into the fermenting vessel (FV) and let it stew.

Rinse thoroughly, reeeeaaaally thoroughly... until not even a hint of chlorine can be smelt. Chlorine is what can make beer taste like TCP apparently so I was incredibly thorough. I feel I've something to prove to people who said it was silly to brew my own beer, this is going to be drinkable damnit!

That really was the most time consuming thing I think, rinsing time after time, I think it got about 5 thorough rinses in the end.

I'm not looking forward to doing this with the 40 or so bottles before I bottle the beer... there will be more pictures then of the process.

Wish me luck! O.o

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